Tropical Fruit Jelly Dessert

Here’s my version of tropical fruit jelly dessert

This tropical fruit jelly dessert is perfect not just for summer. It is light and refreshing and you can always substitute or add any tropical fruits like mango, banana or papaya,  or just any fruits in season. To make a twist, I also opted to add eggyolks to my recipe and the result was great! Jelly was noticeably smoother in texture and not too firm but a bit custard like in taste.
The gulaman powder I used called for six cups of water but I used only five to utilize the syrup from the fruit mix. That also added more fruity flavor to the jelly.
For molds, I used disposable plastic containers and cups because I intended to give some to the kids in my daughter’s school. The chilled pink jelly in cups delighted them. Moreover, they liked its mouth watering appearance and the super delicious taste.20170220_155849 20170220_194330

I’ve been so pleased with the overall result that I decided to share my recipe. Since it is easy to prepare, it was done in just less than 20 minutes. Try it!


836g can tropical fruit cocktail
1 medium slice ripe papaya, diced (optional)
1 packet unflavored gulaman powder (red)
390g can condensed milk
3 egg yolks, hand beaten or whisked
1/4 cup sugar (optional)
1/2 tsp banana essence


Strain the tropical fruit mix and set the syrup aside.
Fill desired molds with the fruit mix.
In a pot, dissolve the gelatin powder in 5 cups water and add in the fruit mix syrup.
Pour in condensed milk and mix well. Add sugar if desired.
Over low heat, pour in the egg yolks slowly while stirring constantly then add banana essence and continue stirring.
Bring to a boil over medium heat until mixture begins to bubble and consistency is somewhat thick.   Pour into prepared molds and let set.

This is best served when chilled so refrigerate before serving. Enjoy!




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