To Perry

With each passing day,
Never have I missed
Thinking of what I have
And what I did not have.
Time and distance are immaterial
It is felt, only the soul could understand;
‘Cause I have known it since you came
Hoping that you’ve felt the same.
It may be an endless journey,
No easy ride and the roads may be bumpy,
The sun may not shine so bright everyday
As this cruel world has no guarantee.
You may even feel like giving up,
On me and what I can never be
But even when I’m gone
My love would stay,
I would still be with you, see you through.
I don’t aim for perfection
I don’t wish for worldly possessions
The simple joys I get
From silly talks and laughters,
To building dreams and envisioning the future;
I have never been so blessed,
I have never been so grateful.
Age and health taking their toll on me, I know
I am flawed but I am me
My only wish, somehow
Did I make you happy?
 Tomorrow is not promised,
With every sunrise, the sun set
And wherever life takes you,
Know this love, waiting for you.
For even when I am called to rest
I shall remain true to you,
Until my last beat, my last breath.
Thank you for the love.

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