Self-hosting my blog, long overdue but worth the wait

Finally, I did it! A few years back I set my mind in having my own website, without any idea how and where to start. I did a lot of googling and even came up with the idea of literally building my website from scratch. I even found myself learning html and css, I did not know what and how self-hosting works then.

Hah, those had been all futile efforts and I ended up setting up accounts with WordPress and Blogger.  But over the years, I have educated myself with the basic stuff, those website essentials and components you see when you open a webpage. I familiarized myself with things like the pages, the navigation menu, widgets and others. And of course, plugins.

I got tips from other bloggers but what really motivated   me was Mike, of How to Start a Blog has really helped me realized what I have always wanted.  And yes, that link opens in a new tab so you don’t leave this blog ha ha. One smart tip from Mike. I tell you, he’s got everything you need to learn. His short Start Blogging Online course was a great help. That was in March 2016. With the girls still in school and nearing the end of school year, things were a bit uptight. Then Philippine summer came by and I found myself back in my hometown. Internet connection was more unreliable than stable plus other summer activities kept me occupied.

After almost five months I finally found myself in a stabler position. Once again I found myself contemplating much on self-hosting. Getting a domain name was one to think about. I had to ask my sister to help me think of a good one. All through out I always thought that once I set up my own self-hosted blog, I would not limit myself to a single niche. Not that the idea of earning is not exciting, I wanted to know first how far I’d go where blogging is concerned. I love writing just about anything, and maybe in the long run I would find my niche in this business.

With age and maturity comes the appreciation and gratefulness of the abundance of all the blessings that I have. They have come in buckets, that I like to say. And they keep coming in, and that I believe. That leads me back to my domain name, and how I came up with it. I told my sister I want something with the word green, because the color is associated with BAYABAS, the guava fruit which is the name of my hometown. It has always been my idea to incorporate into my website all the happenings in town. And that will be Babie’s job to fill us in haha.

My blogsite looks pretty amateurish, I know. But I really don’t care, improvements can come later. What matters to me is that I eventually got my blog up and running. It’s a great kickoff, and timing has never been this perfect!

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. – Rumi

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