3 Household Tips in Making Use of Leftover Soap Bars


Used soap bars usually found their way to the garbage, and slivers are stuck on edges or grooves of soapholders. I have a box set aside where I keep them though, all in different disintegrated shapes, colors and scents. As a stay at home mom, I somehow managed to find ways of putting them in good use. Some of these tips I found from browsing the web and more from my own discovery. I have here three great tips I found the most beneficial and easy to do, by which the third I have been doing on a regular basis as part of my household routine.

1. A good deodorizer

This is the most common. Those bits of old soaps left stuck in your soap dish still even keep the bathroom deodorized. Why not put some pieces inside clothes drawers to keep them smelling fresh and clean. We all have these clothes storages and drawers smelling old and musty and a few pieces would keep the odor away. Be creative. Shape these used soaps into balls, mush them with a little warm water to form a nice shape. Let it dry for a few days, under the sun would be better until it hardens.

2. Liquid hand soap

If you have collected a pound of leftover soap bars, perhaps you would like to try a DIY in making liquid hand soaps out of used soap bars. It would involve cooking and adding glycerin and essential oils. I basically do not go for this mainly because there is no way I could collect a considerable amount of scrap to make liquid soap. I have another priority where recycling used bathsoap is concerned (grin). And that leads me to number 3. But do check this very easy to follow instructions in making liquid hand soap from http://www.clark.com/make-liquid-hand-soap-bar-scraps.

3. Stain Remover (especially on white socks!)

Yes, particularly those stubborn stains on white socks! When my two older girls were still in grade school, it was always a pain getting those white socks white again. I am sure other moms like me could relate to this, I knew of some anyway. Removing those stains kids get on their white socks especially when they wear black leather shoes to school, can be pretty tough. Since I had my third and youngest daughter I became wiser in terms of handwashing small pieces of garments, especially white underwears and yes, socks. I could say from experience that no amount of bleaching or stain removing agent in the market could do better than used bath soap. Plus bleaching agents can wear out the elastic fibers in socks.

Just rub the soap on the stained area, leave for 3-5 minutes then work your way through those stubborn stains. You do not only get the stains removed, the fabric also gets soft, clean and fresh smelling.

This trick also works as well on menstrual stains. Even on colored fabrics. Those moisturizers and cleansing agents in body soaps not only soften and cleanse the skin but also a big help in removing dry and obstinate period stains. I have heard and read a lot of tips which include using oil, grease, and even vinegar. But why go to all the trouble when you have leftover soaps within reach.

So start saving those bits and slivers now. Keep them where they will be kept dry. There are other interesting tips and tricks that you can find at https://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/tips-and-tricks/use-leftover-soap-scraps/.

What do you do with your soap scraps? 


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