Come Undone

Lurking in the darkness With a reckoning slither The hideous reflection Unmasking a soul. Is there not beauty? For what eyes can see Deep into the shadows In a vale of misery. How can it be When in murky alleys Even in filthy...

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Sauteed Okra with Pork

Here’s a quick, easy and healthy okra recipe from my own kitchen. Okra, commonly known as lady fingers to many English-speaking countries, is a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is also...

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Rain on stubborn weeds, like tears in my heart

Rain In My Heart

No more tears to spare Yet the pain lives Like the stubborn weed Taking in, all the life it brings. I hear the sound it makes From within so deep Not the drizzle on tin roofs Nor the faint trickle down its roots. Cold as white...

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