With the idea of a personal blog, I dwell on the fact that finally, I now have my own self-hosted blogsite. Most expert bloggers suggest that a single-niche blog is the way to go for newbies, and that is for monetization reasons. I take that as a great advice. But since this is a personal one, and I love to write just about anything, this multiple-niche blog works well for me. The money-making aspect will have to come later, once I find my niche in this blogging business.

For now, I like to think of my blog as a kind of diary or journal (without the lock!). I migrated my old posts from Blogger but I prefer to keep some in drafts. Others I already discarded (just too much of yesterdays). As I am a homebased mom, I see myself blogging about household tips, home remedies, and the like. Or a little of this and that, just anything under this freaking sun. The multiple-niche approach to blogging would serve me well as a newbie. The mere fact that I now own a website is just too overwhelming my thoughts are a mess!

On other note, I have a page dedicated to everything relative to BAYABAS, my hometown. You will also find here the news, events or any developments that would be of interest to all local Bayabasnons and those relocated across the globe. The lush greens of Bayabas has been sort of an inspiration for me. It is literally one of the reasons why I came up with The Buckets. The other reasons being too personal but nonetheless have inspired me as much.

I also share this blog with my sister Babie, who would cover most of the posts for Bayabas. I am pretty sure she has a bucketful of stories to tell ha ha. That is another reason I want to keep my blog in multiple-niche. Pictures or images, contributions and comments are all welcome (subject to moderation). For updates, please subscribe!


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