moist cake

I vent, I take long or short walks, I sleep, write, or pray. Deep meditation and having someone to talk to do wonders too. Either which way, it helps me keep my feet firmly on the ground and start to think rationally.

I am talking about emotional burdens and coping with them. They come in light or heavy, and whatever the causes may be, they should be taken seriously. Letting go, changing perspectives, thinking positive, and holding the reins of your own happiness can keep you from inducing more damage to any undesirable situation. One can always beat depression. You can not just sit around, pretend everything is okay even when it is not, nor can you just escape reality. Because by doing so, you may not know when you have already let life slip away.

And life is beautiful, however imperfect it may be.

The angel in me?

Like The Angels

The angels may have seen me running away,
Spread your wings, take me to fly and be free,
Let me in a higher realm,
Let the light embrace me.

Heal me, shield me,
Enfold me in glorious abundance
of love and peace that may grow,
in manifold in this earthly ground.

May I be like the good angels,
in heavens or on earth they may dwell, no boundaries
Even in thoughts and in dreams, they can ease the pain,
That I too, may comfort and protect, bring joy
to dear ones, and enjoy the world where my angels abound.